Acorns & Oaks has even more to offer families beyond the incredible benefits of intergenerational connections. The goal is to deliver well-rounded education to infants, toddlers, and children to shape lives by way of Christian values, creativity, and innovation.

At Acorns & Oaks Christian Academy preschool and/or daycare, your child(ren) will learn in proven ways that will build the foundation for their successful future:

  • Evidence-Based Curriculum
  • Creativity-Based Curriculum
  • Christian Values & Curriculum
  • Montessori Method & Reggio Emilia Approach-Based

Components of the Montessori Method and Reggio Emilia Approach, and Zoo phonics are used in our evidenced-based curriculum.

Our programs are aligned with the Iowa Common Core Early Learning Standards. In addition, your child(ren) will also learn the value of elder generations and become comfortable and accepting of people of all ages and abilities.

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