Christ Lutheran Church and Perry Lutheran Homes have partnered together to create a one-of-a-kind intergenerational daycare and preschool programs at Acorns & Oaks Christian Academy.

Intergenerational programs provide benefits when strategically planned and implemented. Children whom are a part of these programs see improved academic performance, enhanced social skills, decreased negative behavior, and increased stability. Older adults can experience enhanced socialization, stimulated learning, increased emotional support, and improved health.

Acorns & Oaks has even more to offer families beyond the incredible benefits of intergenerational connections. The goal is to deliver well-rounded education to infants, toddlers, and children to shape lives by way of Christian values, creativity, and innovation. Both evidence-based and creative-based curriculum are utilized, specifically Zoo Phonics®, The Creative Curriculum® and the GOLD® Assessment to measure progress.

Acorns & Oaks Christian Academy is located on-site at Perry Lutheran Homes King’s Gardens Campus in Perry, Iowa. Babies and children are nurtured in a safe, Christian environment while learning about Christ’s love for them and have lots of grandmas and grandpas to love them each and every day!

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